Auditoria - Audit


“The audit is an exhaustive technical study of the state operating system in which the security system of the installation, under the existing configuration with the client ”

The presence of technical staff of the client with knowledge of the installation, is an essential requirement to be able to perform the relevant technical work on the different installed security systems, as well as, system monitoring Global security Analyzing teams and personnel responsible for different areas.

The development of the reports will be written according to the following points:

  • Risk Analysis in the installation
  • Risks to consider and level of protection
  • Assessment of the current level of protection
  • Proposal for improvements

The definition of Critical Infrastructure, allows us to observe that the treatment of Concept of Risk, Vulnerability and Protection must be analyzed with  the utmost rigor.

The company VIMAD GLOBAL SERVICES, will propose:

  • AUDIT SERVICE to the entire security facility.
  • TECHNICAL ADVICE SERVICE, short, medium and long term action plan.
  • TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL TRAINING SERVICE, of technologies integrated, equipment, action procedures, etc., to all security personnel and to which the Directorate considers.
  • TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS, as well as the integration of these solutions to the current system.