Política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente

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VIMAD GLOBAL SERVICES is a company with Spanish capital, with a clear vocation of service to the State Security Forces and Corps, and to the Army, which also opens up to private companies of the highest order, and to the personal security of high personalities and VIP

For this, the following principles are established:

  • Ensure that the customer satisfaction, and of the interested parties in the results of VIMAD GLOBAL SERVICES, in everything related to the performance of our activities and their impact on society.
  • Establish objectives and goals focused on improving quality performance, as well as the continuous improvement in our activities.
  • Meet the requirements of the applicable legislation to our activity of buying and selling security and defense material, the commitments acquired with the clients and with the Administration, and all those internal norms or action guidelines to which VIMAD GLOBAL SERVICES is submitted.
  • Keep a communication fluid, both internally and externally (with customers, suppliers, Administration, etc.).
  • Guarantee the staff competence, as well as ensuring their adequate motivation for their participation in the continuous improvement of the processes.
  • Guarantee the correct condition of the facilities and equipment.
  • Guarantee a analysis continuously of all relevant processes, establishing the relevant improvements in each case, depending on the results obtained and the established objectives.

The Directorate provides the organization with the resources and means necessary for all this.

VIMAD GLOBAL SERVICES is committed to offering highly specialized technology to armed forces, law enforcement, private security personnel and VIP people. Our continuous mission is to maintain and improve the quality and reliability in all the products and services we offer, to equip and protect people in fulfilling their obligations, as well as in the tranquility of private companies and homes.

To do this, it will take the necessary actions so that this policy is maintained as a documented action, communicated within the organization and available to interested parties.

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