Drass - Midget Submarines

Dwarf submarines are designed for coastal and very shallow water environments. Thanks to its limited size, when not in operation, it can be stored dry in a hangar. Ships can also deploy divers, SDVs and mines. It allows deterrence and dominance in shallow waters, but it is also effective in dark waters.


Drass – Submarinos Enanos

With the DG85 Drass continues the legacy of our Italian-made Midget Submarines, based on the traditional design which was a huge success worldwide. The Midget’s success is due to the geniality of design, its simple hull construction, the reliability of the on-board equipment, its ease of operability and maintainability. Furthermore, the majority of Midget Submarines manufactured in the second half of the nineties have made the end user self-sufficient in the operation and maintenance of a craft dedicated to covert operations, including disassembly and reassembly for over-land transportation.


The design of the Drass DG85 is based on an operational concept which makes this craft more similar to that of an aircraft than a naval vessel; due to its limited size, when not in operation, the Midget Submarine can be stored dry in a hangar and launched for mission only.
This feature facilitates maintenance and increases the longevity of the craft and, more importantly, makes it less detectable by air recognition.
Like an aircraft, the Midget Submarine is fitted with all the weapons and equipment required for mission, assuming the most appropriate configuration.
A typical Drass DG85 configuration for patrol and attack missions consists of the standard payload of 2 bow light torpedoes. The Midget Submarine hull is composed of a main pressure hull divided in four parts with separate battery containers; these vessels are bolted together and can be disassembled for maintenance, testing and road transportation.


  • Thanks to its small dimensions, the Drass DG85 is practically invisible in shallow waters. Additionally, it is equipped with 2 light wire-guided torpedoes, representing a consistent deterrent factor, in self-defense against a hunting vessel, or as an offensive threat against an enemy presence.
    The Drass DG85 has been specifically designed for the following operational tasks:

    • Ataque de barcos atracados en el puerto o instalaciones portuarias.
    • Patrullar las zonas costeras como elemento disuasorio contra los buques enemigos que se aproximan a sus propios objetivos costeros
    • Recolección de inteligencia de información acústica, electrónica y de comunicación.
    • Despliegue de minas en aguas muy poco profundas / bocas de puerto


  • Submarine Steering Station
  • Submarine Platform Management System
  • Navigation / Combat System
  • Passive Sonar
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sonar
  • SWR Intercept Sonar (OPTIONAL)
  • RWR Radar Warning Receiver
  • ESM, DF– Electronic Support Measure, Direction Finding (OPTIONAL)
  • Optronic Masts
  • HF Transceiver
  • UHF/VHF Transceiver
  • Underwater Communication System
  • Sound Powered Telephone
  • Intercom Network
  • INS – Inertial Navigation System
  • Echo Sounder with Sound Velocity
  • Doppler Velocity Log

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